Interface Converter Series

  • HC-OE120-VDA

    HC-OE120-VDA Overview:HC-OE120-VDA series fiber optical video system adopts non-compression digital television video encoding technology, transmite multiple video, audio and data over one fiber.

  • HC-ICE10-xE1x

    HC-ICE10-xE1x Interface Converter OverviewThis series of products are orientated in the broadband and multiplay access systems for its high-quality and high-stability. This is the most newly prom

  • HC-DM-AU

    HC-DM-AU Audio Transmission Device OverviewHC-DM-AU audio transmission device provides conversion between the audio signal and the framed G.703/E1 signal. The audio signal can be transmitted thro

  • HC-ICE02

    HC-ICE02 Interface Converter Overview:The HC-ICE02 interface converter provides conversion between ITU-T G.703/E1 interface and standard V.35 interface. It provides safe and seamless connection b

  • HC-ICE155

    HC-ICE155 Interface ConverterThe HC-ICE155 interface converter provides a simple and cost-effective conversion between STM-1 optical interface to STM-1 electrical interface.The device is developed bas

  • HC-ICE10H

    HC-ICE10H OverviewHC-ICE10H Ethernet to E1/G.703 interface converter is a high performance, remote, self-learning Ethernet bridge. Its compact size and low cost make it ideal for cost-sensitive b

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