• HC-OE120-8E1U(8E1UP)

    HC-OE120-8E1U(8E1UP)is the series of optical transmission device with digital optical fiber.

  • HC-ICE03VI

    The HC-ICE03VI Series (HC-ICE03VI-4FE/ HC-ICE03EVI-2FE) is an industrial-grade media converter featuring the photoelectric conversion technology for long-distance transmission.

  • HC-AN3922A

    The HC-AN3922A Series is an IPRAN device based on MPLS-TP Protocol and supports PWE3.

  • HC-AN3932

    The HC-AN3932 Series is a desktop MCPE device based on GRE Protocol and supports PWE3.

  • HC-ICE10-E1

    The HC-ICE10-4E1 Ethernet converter convers Ethernet signal into E1 signal to enable the transparent transmission on E1 Route for 10 Base-T/100 Base-Tx and 100Base-Fx.

  • HC-ICE02

    The HC-ICE02 interface converter convers V.35 data with N×64Kbps into E1(framed) or E1(unframed) signal, allowing V.35 data transmitted by E1 network.

  • HC-AN3900

    The HC-AN3900 Series is a platform for accessing by both of SDH and PTN/TPRAN, designed for the edge access layer of PTN/IPRAN/SDH metropolitan area network.

  • HC-AN4000

    As the next generation of MSAP, the HC-AN4000 Series is compatible with PTN/IPRAN and SDH access.

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