Optical transmission Series

  • HC-OE120-XE1P

    HC-OE120-XE1P  optical terminal OverviewHC-OE120-xE1P is not a new product line. It just means the optical port protection function for the HC-OE120 series products. It is a special design f

  • HC-OE120

    HC-OE120  18 slots 6U chassis OverviewHC-OE120 chassis can support 15 function cards, 2 power supply card (1 redundant module) and one management card. It can manage all OE120 series cards i

  • HC-OE120-OP

    HC-OE120-OP optical terminalOverviewFor now, the reliability of circuits becomes more and more important for operators and users. “1+1” line protection can increase circuits reliability, but some

  • HC-OE120-SFT

    HC-OE120-SFT optical terminal OverviewHC-OE120-SFT is the repeater device for the optical line. It has two optical interfaces, which can be changed to any type optical modular separately. It can

  • HC-OE120-4/8EV

    HC-OE120-4/8EVOverviewHC-OE120-4/8EV is a fiber optical transmission device. It works as the PDH, and can be used to relay data of local networks or point to point station switch or subscriber sw

  • HC-OE120-4E1

    HC-OE120-4E1 optical terminalOverviewThe HC-OE120-4E1 is a fiber media transmission device for 4×E1/G.703. It provides one EOW and one RS-232C data port added with both AC and DC power supply.For

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